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Following the MSF movement’s decision to implement “transformational investments” to support the evolution of the social mission, operations and operational support, and their adaptation to external / internal challenges, we have pre-identified areas for future investments that would have a significant impact on the quality and relevance of our work and the efficiency and efficacy of our operations.

More specifically, the following “transformational investments” were pre-identified in the Strategic Plan:

· The definition and implementation of a Learning and Development programme fitting the need to invest in people, improve our health care for patients, and fulfil requirements expressed by the Field, the Operations and Support departments;

· The creation of an “Emergency Unit”, beyond the current desk design, to enable MSF-OCG to professionalise further its response to emergencies in a context of increasing needs, poor surveillance and anticipation, and ill-adapted international response;

· The launching of a Cross-sectional Data Analysis and Research Platform responsible for: coordinating a cross-section research agenda, its implementation and wide dissemination of results; serving as a repository for all MSF data with research purposes; and, liaising with other international initiatives.

· The roll out of Technologies and tools to support our medical ambitions, whether through information technology and devices, adapted medical equipment or newly available tools essential to integrate in our operational strategies.

2021-01-07 18:30