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Describe DOTS - Direct Observed Treatment Short course here.


The tuberculosis control strategy recommended by the World Health Organization. It has five main components:

1. Sustained political and financial committment. TB can be cured and the epidemic reversed if adequate resources and administrative support for TB control are provided

2.Diagnosis by quality ensured sputum-smear microscopy. Chest symptomatics examined this way helps to reliably find infectious patients

3.Standardized short-course anti-TB treatment (SCC) given under direct and supportive observation (DOT).Helps to ensure the right drugs are taken at the right time for the full duration of treatment.

4. A regular, uninterrupted supply of high quality anti-TB drugs. Ensures that a credible national TB programme does not have to turn anyone away.

5. Standaidized recording and reporting. Helps to keep track of each individual patient and to monitor overall programme performance

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