The MSF Glossary of Acronyms

This is a dynamic wiki of the acronyms (not terms) used internally by Médecins sans Frontières. If you are writing for an external audience, please refer to the MSF International Style Guide (ask your nearest Comms officer if you don't have access). All MSF staff with Office 365 access can (and are encouraged to!) add/edit acronyms and their definitions here:

There is a read-only version (no username/password) here: (Use 'Ctrl' + 'F' to bring up the search bar).

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Add an acronym (this is not a search bar - look top right!):

To add a new acronym, type: Acronym - Definition (for example: HoM - Head of Mission) in the space below and click 'Add new acronym', then on the next page click 'Save Changes'

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